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Have you heard of Bitcoin Change Tipping?

Hey y”all, I forgot about the following site and came across it again today.  You interested in tipping or receiving tips with Bitcoin? I am.

If you’re out there…like myself and others…without steady / or any income…trying to make a difference in the world…this sounds like a great idea… ‘cause any amount is a blessing.


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I used to be the shit!!

BTC Isn't a Currency


How to win converts and influence bankers: call BTC what it is, a hot commodity.

When most of us talk about Bitcoin to newcomers, the common refrain is something like this: “Bitcoin, big B is the disruptive technology, while bitcoin, little b is the technologies first app, a scarce, nationless currency
In man’s quest and love for technology…and the need some feel to replace humans…

The end result will be…

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(Source: Yahoo!)

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